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We build web that interact with people

Shape the user experience and lead the market

Customer cannot wait. Interactive fast web with intuitive design make customer stay. We build web that to serve and continuously deliver the content that people want.

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Web Application

Connect the dot with the modern web

Custom web app and custom design make you different and unique. Web app unlock the potential to build what you want not what it is provided by the framework

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Mobile Application

Connectivity in your hand

Many people have an idea but only few turn it into the reality. We help you build the product user want. From hardware to software, from web to desktop app, we bring beautiful web interface and connectivity to everywhere user comfortable to use.

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Backoffice System

Tailored for your operation

Management is crucial to cost and customer satisfaction. Let us tailor your management platform that reduce cost, reduce time, effortlessly manage

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Our technologies of choice

Modern Web app Solution

We always review and seek for the best solutions in the trend, and in various technologies. With promising technology and infrastructure, the end product is easily develop and extend as well as highly stable and very maintanable over time.

React.js - Web Framework
Node.js - Server Framework
Go Programming Language
PostgreSQL Database
MongoDB Database
Development Platform & CI/CD
Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Modern Microsoft Solution

Compatibility is the big issue. With modern Microsoft solution, we help client develop with confident that the technology will work well with the existing infrastructure and maintainable by client existing team.

Angular - Web Framework
.NET Core
Microsoft Azure
SQL Server

Trusted by World Class Companies

With more than 5 years in the software and web development. We help from Startup, local business website to Big Enterprise and Corporation. Customers don‘t have to know about any technical stuff and terms. We help them handle everything with full support after launching. Our services are in many areas, for example Web/Mobile applications, Backoffice platform, E-learning, E-commerce, and even the largest Drone marketplace platform.

International Award

Top Developer on Top Platform

We would like to thank our clients around the world for trusting us, we were listed as top web developer and top 5 developer in Thailand. Clutch and GoodFirms are one of the most trusted platform for software development. We have an amazing experience working with their team and clients from these excellent platform.

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