Unilever X Sanrio Freenomenon

Customer Reward Slot Machine Game on Web

Unilever X Sanrio Freenomenon is the slot machine game on web. This campaign sites is for Unilever customer rewards. Customer who purchase Unilever products and win the slot machine game will receive Sanrio Character gift. We build the slot machine on web that is fun to play and can run smoothly on various devices.

Panisa Weerawut, eCom Channel Development Manager

"Work professionaly. Delivered on time. Fast on support."


Game should be smooth on every platforms and devices.

Game is heavy. Just like how video file is larger than image file. Game can be operated smoothly on modern device like iphone and ipad, no matter how inefficient the code is. However Unilever customers come from every part of the country with very different devices. They can be someone using simple Nokia phone in the area with slow internet connection. We have to build game that can run slot machine game on that devices.


Light-weight pure custom code

We wrote custom pure Javascript and HTML/CSS which is very specific and optimized for this use case. For normal app, this is hard to maintain and not suits for BTO models (Build-Transfer-Operate). However this is campaign site with 3 months live time is hosted and supported 24/7 by us, so we choose this custom solution which work best for the clients. This site is running fast and smooth throughout the campaign time. At the end, there are about 40,000 users total countrywide.

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