The web fulfill our online presence

Renea was doing business using only facebook, instagram and instant messaging app. They find sometimes customers hesitate to buy. Customers don't have confident because they find nothing on Google search except few social media sites. So Renea contact us to build the web. We try to understand their existing business nature to build the web according to their requirement. Althoght we can build full e-commerce sites, we prioritize on Renea needs to maintain thier sales team, subscription and human contact for further sales promotion.

Eye, Founder

"They understand our idea and they implement everything just like what we thought."


While large image is loading, customer leave

The stunning website requires big images with high resolution. This faces the first problem of loading time. When the server is sending the images, it appears blank on customer screen. This make customer leaving.


Optimal image with Graphql

Image sizes is choosen to match the user device screen size. For low speed connection, image is partly load with low resolution. Customers don't leave because they first see a low resolution version of the image and just few seconds the image turn into full resolution image.


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