Thailand first modern e-learning platform.

Matyom is genuinely the first modern e-learning platform. Just few years after google bought youtube, Matyom was founded. The platform is truly modern and still modern until this day. What makes Matyom modern is the interactive platform. Students can do exercise and check the answer interactively with hint if they don't answer the correct answer. Students can learn from everywhere anytime with automatic authorization after online payment.

Kan, Founder

"There is nothing better than working with a good team."


Complex and very interactive web

Web can be simple but complex one is not. If using the classic technology, this will not be an e-learning but e-waiting. Every clicks mean every request-response from the server. The classic web solution is MVC (Model-View-Controller), the server make the page and send back to client screen. With the fastest internet, this will take a lot of time to rework the process again and again.


Web app is coming

We use Angular JS which is first generation web app framework. Angular was release in 2010 and we use it in 2011. Angular help us make the web app that fetch the data with JSON and display seamlessly. JSON and data fetching like XML is not new but concept of web app is new. Selecting the element and change the content is the old technique (JQuery) which become burdensome when the app is complex even though how clean the code is. Another strightforward way is flowing everything again and again. But Angular help us get organized, the content refresh itself like a magic.


Free Consulting

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